I was in Japan from April 6-20th and happened to catch both of the Code Geass themed cafes that were in Ikebukuro. The last of the two cafes I went to was at a restaurant on the other side of Ikebukuro Station from the previous cafe. I actually went to both in one day lol. The Ashford Festival, as the name implies, didn’t include anything from the new movie, but was themed for the Ashford Academy Festival from season one.


Outside of Yoronotaki, you were greeted by a cardboard cutout of Lelouch in his Ashford uniform. The menus had a lot of themed items and fancy for the named characters, plus simple drinks that were just named after some of the other characters.

I had eaten at the other cafe a few hours before this, so I mostly got drinks (Xingke oolong iced tea, Schneizel ginger ale, and Suzaku’s sincere blue soda), and a small food dish (Suzaku’s demi-glace meatballs). I got a free random postcard with each drink order.

The food felt less themed than the other cafe and more “vaguely kind of related but also not really”. E.g. Nunnally’s food dish was some sort of vegetable udon (vegetable = yasai, gentle = yasashii, and Nunnally always talks about having a gentle world).

Cafe Decor

Each table had an Ashford photo album which had pictures from the series, as well as frame on the table themed from the school festival episode. And there was also Code Geass music and Ashford-related sound episodes playing.


In addition to the free postcards, I was also given a set of nail art as a free gift. (I believe they were giving them away as a special for visiting the cafe on its last day?)

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