I was in Japan from April 6-20th and happened to catch both of the Code Geass themed cafes that were in Ikebukuro. The first of the two cafes I went to was themed for Lelouch of the Re;surrection. It was at 46Shokudo and included various characters dressed as waiters. The cafe originally didn’t start off with Kallen, but added her for her birthday late in March.

Cafe Menu

The menu was split into character and KMF themed food, desserts, and drinks, plus the special menu for Kallen’s birthday celebration. The Suzaku item was a demi-glace (his favorite), while the Lelouch item was modeled after Zero, and the CC item was just themed for her hair color. Since this was my only visit to the cafe, I ordered a variety of items.

I ordered CC’s basil pasta, both of Kallen’s birthday items (strawberry drink and strawberry cake), and Nunnally’s rose tea and cookie set. CC’s pasta was decent (an amused by how they spelled “CC” lol). With each order, you get some kind of freebies. E.g. for the drinks, you got to pick a random coaster from a basket. The menu kinda shows you which freebies come with what you order. CC and Kallen’s items came with collectible cards for their characters as well. Even though Shesthaal was completely absent from this cafe, I took along his acrylic stand.

Cafe Merchandise

For the merchandise selection, there was an array of goods with the characters in their cafe outfits. The buttons and keychains were blind draw, while the acrylic stands you could choose from, but it was the last week of the cafe (the movie had come out in February and it was April when I went), only Kallen (who had just gotten added for her birthday) and Shalio and Shamna were available for purchase. Since I reserved a seat at the cafe online, I was also given a free sticker sheet.

Cafe Decor

The cafe was decorated with the characters in their cafe outfits, and there were TV screens playing the trailers endlessly on loop (I heard Shesthaal say “I’m here for you, Zero!” like 9999 times). There were also little cutouts of the characters on sticks that you could pose with.

Overall I enjoyed my visit to the cafe. The pasta was decent and the decor with the waiter outfits was pretty cute.

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